Photography Portfolio-updated

WARNING-No Fish on this Page!!

My love of fishing and the stunning surroundings that this sport has taken me to has inspired another hobby that works beautifully alongside namely photography. I started out as everyone does with the camera stuck on 'auto' and I captured some interesting images but I always knew there was more to be had from the camera and so recently I have turned the dial to 'manual'  and my obsession with photography has grown from there. I thought about doing a separate blog dedicated solely to photography but decided that I have little time available as it is. Plus I am an angler first and foremost and taking photos is just an interesting byline so a dedicated page is ample and here it is. The majority of images will be fishing orientated but there may be the odd photo of something not connected to angling at all so if fishing is all you are interested in just leave this page now. However if you would like to track my progress as I become the next 'David Bailey' then scroll on.

Spring Blossom
Recently we had some family portraits done, mostly of the kids with the odd token mother and father shot included and they were top quality. When I learned that the photographer in question was running an evening course I just had to enrol. To date I have been solely self taught and whilst that has been fairly successful I just felt that I needed to raise the bar to the next level. I have an obsessive nature and when I undertake something I like to push myself as much as possible to be the best I can.
The five week course is now complete and has given me a sound knowledge of ISOs, shutter speed, aperture, f-stops, composition and lighting. Expect to see a lot better quality photos soon.

Garden Blossom

More of our Blossom
Our Taz
Bluebells at the bottom of the garden
T-Rex-'Really Wild'
Meerkats-'Really Wild'

Our Snowdrops


Lenches Trout Fishery

Local Buzzard
West Midlands Lions
Foggy Fence
Honeybourne Station
West Midlands Rhino
Barton Weir
Autumn Cock Pheasant

Autumn Colours
Pershore Bridge

Fladbury Bridge
Elegant Swan
Diving Gannet
Plymouth Harbour
Warwickshire Avon Kingfisher

Banded Demoiselle

Gathering Bees

Croatian Grasshopper
'Our' Buzzards Nesting

Avon Robin
Friendly (Hungry!) Swans

Our Flock
Nighttime on the Farm
Our Olive
Olive at Sunset
Seaside Fairground
Croatian Church
Night swim?
Derelict Barn
Croation Architecture
Roof Tiles
Alley Dining
The Local

The Landlord

Grace and Grandad
Pussy Willow Dew
Humingbird BC
Vancouver Architecture
Bucket Row
Pershore Rooftops
Florida Sunset
The Regal
My Eldest Maisie
Old Nut
Fladbury Weir
Rose in the Rain
Captivating Cotswolds
Littleton Church
Grace's Feet
Our View
Contemplative Maisie

Harrison Hot Springs
Baby Robins

Big Ben
Little Grace

Frozen Avon


  1. Some brilliant photos there, Joe. Fladbury Bridge is my favourite though.

    1. Thanks Russell, Good place for big Barbel too!!