Some kind words about my diary


When Joe Chatterton caught a 12lb Pike in the Warwickshire Avon, he was surprised to find that he hadn’t caught it at all.  It had someone else’s hooks in its stomach and Joe’s line had got wrapped around the trace protruding from the unlucky creature. So does that count or not muses Joe.  We wouldn’t like to say but there is some good reading to be had on this blog

Angling Gazette
This blogspot site is not only regularly updated but it is really well put together too.  Joe uses plenty of images on the site and they are good quality too.  His recent post on Gravel Pit Tench fishing is excellent and like all of his posts, well worth a read.  We’re glad we came across Joe’s site, it’s one we will be keeping an eye on in future.

River Piker 
Joe is a bit of an all round angler and seems to be able to put his hand to anything. He enjoys the challenge of a bag full of dace or a hard fighting barbel using all manner of tactics I never got around to mastering but Joe seems to be able to do everything. I've enjoyed reading some of his successes and he's also managing to capture some stunning fishing moments.


Another fishing blog I stumbled on this week that you should all go and check out is Joe Chatterton's Angling Diary.  Joe is some guy lives across the pond and catches all kinds of crazy looking fish you don't typically find in the States . Stuff like Barbel & Roach.  Huh?  Lots of good pictures too...especially if you don't mind looking at shots of clothes soaked in catfish feces.  Yes, catfish feces.  Tasty.


  1. A great diary Joe. I have fished with Joe for years but not recently. But, got me fired up again. Going home tonight to spool up the baitrunners with 8lb maxima and head out for Barbel this weekend. Joe will know where I am heading. Tight lines to all !! Martin Cooper

    1. Did you get any then Martin??

    2. Bit of nightmare...It was the day of those terrible thunderstorms. got soaked and only had one hour on the bank but landed a superb 5lb Chub within 15 minutes but the storms made it a difficult and short session.